Planed Ponty Planet


This is our new Library of Things and Monthly Repair Cafe in the heart of Pontypridd at YMa – Man Creu Meithrin Celf | Place for Culture Creativity and the Arts.

In partnership with Benthyg Cymru & Repair Café Wales, Artis Community Cymuned have secured grants From the National Lottery Community Fund and WCVA Landfill Tax Disposal Fund to develop this exciting new project which will include events and workshops aimed at reducing our impact on the planet in a creative and sustainable way.

YMa will open its doors later this year and we would like to invite members of the community to tell us what they would like to see at our new Library of Things and Monthly Repair Cafe when we open.

What is a library of things?  Very similar to a traditional book library but for items instead.  A library of things has one goal – to make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread. All items will be available to book and view online and in person at YMa.
What type of items can I borrow? Items available to borrow will primarily be arts based with a few exceptions, for example: cleaning, gardening and kitchen tools. Items can be suggested and lent by the community.

How much will it be?  All items will be available to borrow for less than you’d expect to pay second hand with the option of paying a one off fee or a weekly payment, depending on how long you need the item for. Opportunity to pay using time credits instead of payments is available for volunteers. Prices start from as little as £1.00 for a child’s costume for world book day!

Want to know more? Please take a moment to take part in our short survey here. Diolch!

This project is funded by Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme, administered by WCVA.

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