Home Stories / Crafty Cuppa

Home stories is an arts outreach project aimed at older people in Pontypridd. Working in partnership with organisations such as Age Connects we identify older isolated people in our communities. As appropriate participants are visited at home by a member of the Artis Team and lead artist. At this initial meeting the older person is supported to identify an object that will bring memories to life and encourage talk about past experiences.

Following this participants are encouraged to visit our Crafty Cuppa session.

Crafty Cuppas is a weekly craft group for people over the age of 50. The group are very welcoming and keen try out any art discipline. Each week the group try a different art form such as textiles, print-making, mosaics and dance.

Crafty Cuppas is based in Fernbank House, Graig, Pontypridd and meet Mondays 10-12pm.

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