Camaraderie, HLF Veterans Project

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Camaraderie is an arts and heritage project that has encouraged participants to creatively explore collections held at Glamorgan Archives to further their knowledge of the First World War, through the lens of well-being. The aim was to enable participants to discover aspects of WW1 history with which they share a personal connection and to have encouraged them to develop a greater sense of its impact on their life experience.

An exhibition and celebration evening was held on the 9th of November 2018.  Participants had the chance to sit with a cup of tea and contemplate the artworks produced as part of the project & engage with a conceptual reflection of the impact of WW1 and return to Civvy Street. This journey is echoed through an array of artwork and movement, offering both a modern perception and historic account.


The exhibition a mixture of artwork, dance, digital storytelling and art installation represents a journey of difficult times; a shared experience, and in a psychological sense; a containment of emotions.


Artis Community would like to thank the following people and organisations:

Heritage Lottery Fund & Lottery players

Commissioning producer – David Jones DJ Associates

Rhiannon Gray – Lead Artist

Pontypridd High School Staff and students

Andy Foster John – Veteran Engagement

Alabare Homes for Veterans – Veterans and Staff

Crafty Cuppa Participants & Tutor Rhian Anderson

Arts 4 You Participants

Glamorgan Archives & Staff

Artis Community Volunteers & Staff


Brian Vaughn & Bernard Lowery

Digital Storytelling interviews

Simon Bayliss


Dancers: Edie Massey & Lexi Ahearn

Tutor & Choreographer: Aisling Baxter

Music: Rowan Talbot


Music: Steph McNicholas & Sue Scott