Cân Project

Following the huge success of the Cân Project in 2020/21, we are looking forward to continuing to develop this program with the young people of our communities. 

The Cân Project offers an exciting opportunity to work with professional songwriter Maddie Jones, and RecRock founder/musician Dan Fitzgerald, who  take participants through the process of  song writing, melody making and audio recording. Together Maddie and Dan mentor young musicians looking at lyrics, melody, song structure, chords, contrast and more.

The project is adaptable for different age groups and can take place online, in schools, or in community settings. 

Are you into music? Perhaps you write songs already? Do you express yourself by writing down words/lyrics? Maybe you play an instrument and want to meet other musicians? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we want to hear from you!

The project usually runs for 6 weeks with a sharing evening to celebrate your achievements at the end of the course. Here’s what some of our participants had to say about last year’s sessions:

“Working with Dan and Maddie was really interesting… they gave great advice and feedback”

 “I loved making new friends through music.”

 “Listening to the stories and experiences  of others involved was really inspiring”

Look forward to future posts and information about this project!

If you are interested in this project , please send an email to linzi@artiscommunity.org.uk  or info@artiscommunity.org.uk

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